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Take real food with you in our simple, clever, squeezy pouches.

reusable food puches
pouch topper attachment


  • lunch box receipes for kids
    Back to School – Lunch box snacks

    It’s back to school time and now the kids have settled into the first few weeks of school, it’s time to start thinking of what to put in their lunchboxes. When packing your childs lunchbox it is important to consider foods that will get them through their day of learning.......

  • Leftover Easter chocolate
    Use up the kids leftover Easter chocolate!

    Do you have a heap of leftover Easter chocolate? Kids got a little more chocolate on their hands than you bargained for? Help them make a little dent in their stash with our delicious recipes…   Chocolate Eater… Easter brings out a chocolate eater in the best of us, and......

  • chocolate milk ice pop
    Chocolate Milk Ice Pop

    This chocolate milk ice pop recipe seems a little too easy to be a ‘recipe’, but it might just remind you just how easy it is to make popsicles. Combine the milk and chocolate in a saucepan over a medium heat and bring to a simmer. Pour into Zesty Pop......

"Just wanted to say thank you for such a great, easy to use product!My almost 6 months old is having heaps of fun learning about different tastes and textures with the help of Zestio!And I am having fun experimenting with different flavour combinations! - Trina

"OMG the Zestio Infant pack makes the perfect Baby shower gift! Full of great products every new Mum would use when their bub starts puree food or before to store breast milk!" - Kate

"I love love love your product!! I use the pouches with both my kids (3 & 1). I put their breakfast in them the night before and it makes the daycare/work morning rush so much easier!!" - Trina

"We used our Zestio pouch and topper for the first time today as we just got home to Darwin. It's hot and Miss V sucked the cold yoghurt (Greek out of the large family tub) (that will save me $$$) out all by herself. Thanks to the pouch topper, no bleeding gums. Such a great product thank you. - Melissa C

"Monster boy will be 5 months old on Sunday and already wanting to feed himself. Got to love homemade veggie purees with your toppers for an already teething boy! - Sharon

"I love using Zestio pouches for filling my own yoghurts, fruit purees and custards. I really hate the extra sugars in those store bought snack pouches, so this is such a great alternative. They are so so easy to clean too." - Sarah


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