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Take real food with you in our simple, clever, squeezy pouches.

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  • pouch topper attachment
    Zestio Pouch Topper attachment for safe feeding

      Get the Zestio Pouch Topper attachment correct for safe pouch feeding. It is a soft, flexible silicone pouch topper attachment which covers the hard rough areas on food pouches. Protecting your baby’s gums as they learn to self-feed. The Zestio Pouch Topper is perfect for 4 month to 18......

  • cleaning-reusable-food-pouches
    Cleaning Reusable Pouches & Pops by Zestio

      It’s so easy with Zestio! Much like cleaning your baby bottles and bits and pieces, cleaning reusable pouches are the same. We recommend cleaning Reusable Pouches, Zesty Pops and Pouch Toppers by hand with a bottle brush in warm soapy water. The portable OXO Tot bottle Brush and drying......

  • basic-smoothie-recipe
    Basic Smoothie Recipe – So Easy

    This is my basic smoothie recipe. I love this recipe because it is soooo simple to remember and you generally always have the ingredients on hand to whiz it up in no time! I find I make this smoothie recipe in the afternoon ‘witching hour’ when the kids are hungry......

Making pouch feeding safe, convenient and nutritious!

Making pouch feeding safe, convenient and nutritious!


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