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Zestio’s Universal Pouch Topper


11 Sep Zestio’s Universal Pouch Topper

The patented Zestio Pouch Topper is a soothing and safe attachment used for pouch feeding.

Providing familiarity, it eases the transition from bottle feeding to first foods, encouraging independent self-feeding.

The pouch spout’s rough areas are covered by our soft and flexible Pouch Topper, protecting teething child’s mouths.

The universal design attaches to most baby food pouches lengthening the spout enabling the child to feed safely, regulating the flow of food themselves.

This is not only a convenient attachment but a necessity to maintaining a precious child’s safety, comfort and well-being.




 Here are some great Features and Benefits


Protective Pouch Feeding: The Zestio Pouch Topper is the safest solution to pouch feeding, protecting babies mouth and gums from the hard rough spout. Encouraging independent self-feeding it allows for an easy transition from bottle to first foods.



Australian Made: The patented Zestio Pouch Topper is an Australian First and is also designed by an Aussie Mum and Made in Australia!



Universal Design: Zestio’s universal pouch topper is designed to fit most baby food pouches, pre-packaged store bought or reusable! They have a snug secure fit onto the pouch spout, providing the teat shape and feel that babies know and love.

universal pouch topper


Safe Quality Materials: Made from BPA free, hospital grade silicone, they push on to cover the hard pouch spout and screw threading to protect your babies gums. Independently tested, and Australian Made they comply with Australian and International safety standards – posing no choking hazards.



Save Money: The Zestio Pouch Topper is Reusable – simply use, wash and reuse. The Topper also prolongs life of reusable pouch spouts – protects from chewing damage.



Available for purchase here now!



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