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24 Jan Back to School – Lunch box snacks

It’s back to school time and now the kids have settled into the first few weeks of school, it’s time to start thinking of what to put in their lunchboxes. When packing your childs lunchbox it is important to consider foods that will get them through their day of learning. A healthy, nutritional lunch box helps children to stay alert in class, be energetic all day, maintain a healthy weight and fight illness. Here’s our recommendations:


Top recipes for snacks, sweets fruits and smoothies!

1 – Carrot Stars

Why not show your hard working ‘schoolie’ you think they are a STAR! Amy from Healthy Little Foodies is onto a winner with these Carrot Stars.

See the full recipe here


2 – Healthy Sweet Potato & Tuna Croquettes

Fat Mum Slim has an amazing recipe which would be perfect for freezing! Sweet Potato and Tuna are a great combo!

You can find the recipe on the Fat Mum Slim blog here


3 – Easy Egg Muffins

All kids love egg based meals, so why not compact a meal they love into a muffin? You’ll have empty lunchboxes home with this recipe!

Check out Lauren from “Create Bake Make” recipe here


4 – Mini Lasanga Cups

Here’s a way to get iron (and some hidden vege’s) in your child’s little tummies

Ange from Little Kitchen Blue has the perfect way to add in which ever vege’s your kids will eat. Here’s the recipe.


5- Easy Soft Pretzels (Gluten Free)

If you have a Gluten Free child, it’s hard to give them something filling for lunch. You’ve tried the breads, but, uhh… You’ve tried toasting the bread, uhh….

Try a pretzel! Follow this recipe from Don’t Waste the Crumb, and let us know how you go. Here’s the recipe.


6- Apple Chips

OK, so a warning.,.. You might want to cook these when the kids aren’t home, and you will want to hide your stash ASAP! So they NEVER find them!

Have your apples ready and check out the recipe, Lisa from The Viet Vegan, here’s the link


7- Strawberry Rollups

Now this is a recipe that I’ll be trying soon!

Head to The Organized Housewife and make sure you strain your strawberry seeds.


8- Weetbix Slice

Oh, your kids will be loving this chocolate slice in their lunchboxes or as an after school treat!

We love this recipe from Lucy at Bake Play Smile, check it out here.


Frozen Smoothies in your kid’s lunchbox

Smoothies are the perfect alternative to fill up your children’s tummies for lunch. It will keep tummies full for longer, a healthier alternative and it will keep their lunchboxes cold on warmer days. Fill them into your Zestio Reusable Pouches and you are ready to go!

1 – Basic Smoothie Recipe – So Easy

I love this recipe because it is soooo simple to remember and you generally always have the ingredients on hand to whiz it up in no time!  You can get the recipe here.


2 – Chocolate Coconut Panna Cotta

What dessert? You ask… Mousse? Pudding? No it’s Chocolate Coconut Panna Cotta!

Panna cotta means ‘cooked cream’ in Italian, and is a mix of milk, cream and sugar. Our version is made without your typical ‘cream’ and is dairy free!

You can grab the recipe here.


3- Chocolate Yogo

My girls love this homemade Chocolate Yogo!  It’s the yummiest special treat your kids will love in their lunchbox or as a fresh afterschool treat!

You can grab the recipe here.



We hope you can try some of these great ideas for your children’s lunchboxes. Come over to our Facebook page and show us your great lunchboxes.

Lunch box

 Krystal xx

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