Balancing work and life with AusMumpreneur Peace Mitchell

16 Feb Balancing work and life with AusMumpreneur Peace Mitchell

You know those moments where you’re just totally wrapped up in a conversation with someone that really inspires and motivates you? Well that is me all the time when it comes to the Facebook group Ausmumpreneur Network, these women are incredible. So when I had the chance to privately chat with one of the founders of the network, I naturally squealed with delight!

Peace Mitchell is an uber talented entrepreneur, author and mother of four who knows how to juggle multiple business opportunities whilst providing the best possible lifestyle for her family. I had the pleasure of meeting Peace in October last year when I accepted my AusMumpreneur award for Product Innovation, read more about that here. Earlier this month I sat down with Peace to pick her brain about balancing work and life and what her plans are for the year ahead.


Peace with her daughter



Q. Why do you feel that putting in extra effort to offer children a healthy balanced diet is important for super busy families like yours?

A. A healthy lifestyle is important to us, and to me that means balance in all areas – I feel better when I’m well rested, getting plenty of exercise and eating healthily and I know this is even more important for children. I have a busy toddler as well as two boisterous pre-teens and two tall and talented teenagers and everything goes so much smoother when they have the right food.

Q. Are you a meal planner or more of a “what’s-in-the-pantry-tonight” chef?

A. I’m a bit of both, I like to have all the ingredients I need on hand and will often duck out to the markets to buy fresh fruit and vege if I’m planning a special dinner.

Q. What’s the number one meal in your house that everyone raves over? Is it an old family recipe or your own creation?

A. Vegetarian stir fry is one of my favourites but my husband’s roast chicken dinner is the #1 amongst the kids!

Q. Can you give any advice to other parents juggling a rapidly expanding career and the needs of the family?

A. Being organised is the key to managing a busy family, write a good shopping list and stock up so you’ve got plenty of options. We’re less tempted to buy takeaway when there’s ingredients for healthy and easy to prepare meals. Preparing food ahead of time is also a real time saver for me, I use the slow cooker a lot over winter for soups and casseroles.
I can totally agree with this 🙂 

Q. If we sat down to chat in January 2016 what accomplishments would we be celebrating from the last 12 months?

A. I’m really excited about 2015 we have so much going on this year – we have an extra child living with us this year, he’s in the same class as my eldest son and they’re both training full time at the Australian Ballet School. My middle son is starting high school, my youngest son is starting year 5 and my little girl will turn two this year. I can’t wait to see how much they’ll all grow and experience in the next 12 months. My husband and I are launching a business this year too. We’re bringing our 60 foot ketch to Melbourne and will be running 3 day eco sailing tours in Port Phillip Bay. This has been a dream of his since he was a young boy so I’m really excited to see this become a reality and to be part of this with him. My own business continues to delight and surprise me every day, we’re working on new partnerships with the government to provide financial grants for mumpreneurs, we’re planning our biggest ever AusMumpreneur Awards and we’re launching brand new online programs to provide education, advice and support for mums in home based business. Exciting times!

It’s such an exciting and vibrant network to be a part of, and I’ve learnt so much about running my own business thanks to these wonderful women. Whenever I have a tricky situation or tiny new idea, I know I can ask the group and they are always ready with advice and recommendations. I encourage all women in business to check out The AusMumpreneur Network.
Thanks again for your time Peace xx


Peace family

Peace’s children and friend on an outing together.



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