How to have a fun Easter without the sugar high

14 Mar How to have a fun Easter without the sugar high

Easter is synonymous with chocolate (excessive chocolate), loads of sugar and kids crazily running around hunting for Easter eggs, but if that’s not your thing, you’ve got little bubs, or your kids have allergies, or you just want a healthier option, we’ve got some fantastic ideas to up the fun and lower the sugar!  Let’s talk about how we can have a fun Easter without the sugar high.

Here’s the only list of Easter fun you will need to make sure the kids have a fantastic time!


  1. With Easter being early and warm this year, its’ a great time to make some awesome chocolate yogo! This amazing dessert has all the flavour of chocolate yogo but is a much healthier version, and kids love it. Not only is this awesome as a smooth dessert, but pop it into some Zestio icepops, freeze and you’ve got amazing chocolatey ice blocks perfect for sharing at Easter time.  You could also try our fab chocolate milk ice pops which are super simple to make!

chocolate milk ice pop

  1. Easter is a great time to have fun as a family and playdough is perfect for little ones. I love sending in playdough as an alternative to chocolate for preschool gifts.  Once you’ve seen how easy it is to make homemade, you won’t go back!  These playdough mats are the perfect way to put the playdough to use, making lots of sugar free Easter themed fun.   
    easter fun without the sugar high playdough mats


  1. Sticking to the theme of chocolate, when trying to cut down sugar is hard work. Unless you try out our awesome chocolate bean puddings.  Free from gluten, nuts and refined sugars, they are perfect for an Easter dessert, served fancily in cocktail glasses or even popped into Zestio pouches for dessert on the go at an Easter picnic. You’ll find it hard to believe they contain sweet potato and beans!chocolate bean pudding easter fun without the sugar high
  1. Get the kids to help out with decorating the house by making these adorable Easter bunnies. Not only are they oh so cute, but they also use up loo rolls!  Painted and using just a few bits from the craft box, they are fit to decorate the table for a family Easter lunch, or to brighten up the house.

easter fun without the sugar high paper roll bunnies

  1. If you’re looking for non-chocolate gift ideas, you can’t go past our Zestio Easter combo packs. With 4 food pouches and 4 icypops for $20, you can’t go wrong!   It’s the ideal starter pack for a friend or relative or a great way to up your homemade game over the Easter break.
    Food Pouch special
  2. And if you need a way to package them, check out these adorable Easter bunny bags that the kids could make themselves with a little help.  Perfect for making special gifts for family.Happy Easter baskets
  3. For little bubs, these sensory Easter shakers are perfect for playing with while the family has Easter lunch! There are lots of ideas for filling them and they are great for decorating the table too.  You might be surprised to see that the big kids will find them just as fun as the little ones!  It’s a great way for little ones to have a fun Easter without the sugar high.e3aster egg shakers
  4. Beautiful Easter gifts can be all about the bunny with these super cute options from We Might be Tiny!  Check out their adorable bunny placies and snack holders, not a chocolate in sight!  Especially good for setting the easter table for little ones.
    easter fun without the sugar high, we might be tiny
  5. Want a fun way to have an Easter egg Hunt without the chocolate? This glow in the Easter egg hunt would be fantastic fun! With the mornings being darker and the sunsets getting earlier, you could do this to start or end your day, it’s guaranteed to supply lots of giggle and fun!  You can grab most of the supplies for Kmart or the reject shop.



How are you celebrating Easter?  And what are you giving your kids?


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