Paleo Café – Interview with Entrepreneur Marlies Hobbs

Marlies & Jai

26 Jun Paleo Café – Interview with Entrepreneur Marlies Hobbs

Well I’ve had another one of those amazing moments when I get to interview an Aussie entrepreneur who has inspired and influenced many aspects of my life. Marlies Hobbs, of the Paleo Café, is without a doubt a game-changer for so many of us. Her whole essence revolves around providing the best possible life for her family.

The necessity of providing her young son with the correct dietary needs, has snowballed into the most amazing experience she could ever imagine. The first Paleo Café only opened in 2012 and is now franchised around the country, with Marlies releasing cookbooks and winning accolades for sharing her passion for nutrition.


  1. How do you juggle a thriving business empire and a happy healthy family?

I work in the office three days a week and I’m at home with my boys the remaining four. While Jai and I are always talking about ideas and plans for the business, we make sure we dedicate time for the family and for ourselves. We love getting out in nature and riding our bikes as a family or going canoeing with the boys on the weekend. Eating Paleo is only part of the lifestyle so getting out in nature, playing, laughing and connecting with our family and friends are so important as well. Jai trains every day, which is his time for himself and I love practising yoga at home or going to the gym as well.

Marlies Hobbs Family


  1. Can you explain the essential differences between Paleo & wholefoods?

Eating wholefoods and eating Paleo are quite similar. Both approaches are essentially about eating unprocessed and unrefined foods, which is fantastic. We believe we should eat as Mother Nature intended and it’s so important to teach our boys that food comes from nature, not from a packet. The difference with the Paleo approach is we also avoid dairy (unless you tolerate it well), grains and legumes as they can be hard for the body to digest and place extra stress on your system, but we encourage everyone to trial what works for their body. Each and every body is different and so everyone’s approach to eating should be slightly different as well. Be gentle and listen to your body to find the right approach for you.


  1. Do you find that networking with other working mothers (online & offline) has attributed to your success?

I’m certainly inspired by other working mothers and I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible business women through the Ausmumpreneur Awards and the recent Women of Achievement Unconference in Palm Cove. We love supporting each other, sharing experiences and wisdom, cross-promoting, collaborating and just generally lifting each other higher and closer to our goals.


  1. How do you turn accolades, like the Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year 2014, into tangible benefits for your business?

Through opportunities such as the AusMumpreneur of the Year award I’ve met some small businesses and specialty brands that are also dedicated to enriching the lives of others and I believe in supporting like-minded businesses so I’ve been able to collaborate with them. Winning the Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year award also created further interest in my best-selling Paleo Café Lifestyle & Cookbook, which has since been picked up by distributors Simon & Schuster and will be released as an eBook this month, and mainstream print distribution in July, which is very exciting. Our main goal for starting Paleo Café was to give people a place to access fresh, nutritious food that makes them feel amazing and we truly appreciate any opportunity that gives us the chance to reach more people and help change their lives for the better. We constantly receive testimonials from people who have changed their lifestyle and lost weight, sleep better, feel happier and have been able to better manage their health conditions. Receiving this kind of feedback makes it all worthwhile.


Emerging Mumpreneur Marlies Hobbs

5. If we sat down to chat in June 2016 what accomplishments would we be celebrating from the last 12 months?

We have quite a few exciting projects at Paleo Café HQ at the moment. We’re about to launch our new eStore, which will stock beautiful Paleo products, packaged with love. We’re also launching our online Directory, which will be one trusted location to find the best products, suppliers, services and resources relevant to the Paleo and primal lifestyles. I also have an app in its production stages, which will be a great tool for those wanting to follow the lifestyle and prepare Paleo meals at home. Being prepared is crucial for success and we want to give people as much support and the best tools for them to succeed. We’ll be donating part of the proceeds of the app to a charity that is quite dear to us as well. And last but not least, this time next year we’ll have released our follow-up cookbook, which is set to offer even more information from primal health specialists and professionals in the industry and will have some amazing recipes from our Paleo Café chefs as well as some beautiful food photography. All going well, you should also see Paleo Café in New Zealand by 2016! It’s going to be another busy and exciting year for us and we’re so grateful to be able to follow our dreams and lead by example to create a brighter future for the next generation.



Now let me fill you in on a little secret……Zestio is in that online directory and their online estore! Yep and we are thrilled at the opportunity to be able to reach out to this audience. Would you believe that I whipped up a delicious new smoothie the day I found out and jokingly named it The Hobbs Smoothie! A heavenly combo of orange, beetroot and banana click here for the recipe 

It’s been another wonderful opportunity to get to know, and be inspired by, a successful female entrepreneur that faces many of the same challenges regular mothers face.

Thanks again for your time Marlies from the whole Zestio family xx



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