The Rise of Cauliflower

10 Dec The Rise of Cauliflower

Please welcome up to the stage….Cauliflower!

Yep, this is going to be one of the hot trend foods from 2015.  With many high profile chefs looking for innovative ways to wow the everyday food critics, they decided to go back to basics. And what a versatile basic they have chosen. Already on the “consume freely” list for many vegetarians, coeliacs, clean eaters and paleo-followers they really pack a nutritional punch!

  • More vitamin C per 100g than oranges. In fact, 1 cup of cauliflower contains 154% of the recommend daily intake. Bring on the B6 & folate too
  • Source of vitamins A & K and omega-3 fatty acids. Great for reducing inflammation associated with arthritis, obesity, ulcerative colitis, and others.
  • Low in kilojoules, high in fibre & no fat!
  • Being a cruciferous vegetable, it has been shown to reduce the risk of developing several types of cancers.

This vegetable can be served a thousand different ways, but it at its most nutrient dense when raw or lightly cooked, but as long as you eat then it’ll provide a benefit. You have probably also seen purple variations on the market of late; these are simply small variations in the levels of anthocyanin, which is found in red fruits and vegetables. Many people find the purple variety sweeter than that of its white or green friends. The yellowy-green version called Broccoflower is also a cauliflower with all the same goodness inside. What kid isn’t going to want to at least try a piece of purple food!

Still not sure that all these positive facts will win over the family? Encourage them with an array of delicious savoury delights. Here is my top 5 cauliflower winners,

  1. Cauliflower fried rice
  2. Cauliflower pizza bases – see our Mini Cauliflower Pizza recipe
  3. Chicken & cauliflower casserole
  4. Cauliflower in a mixed Vegetable Mash – see our recipe here
  5. Cauliflower Soup

If you want to get the kids super hands on, then perhaps try adding it to your own vege patch. Whilst it is wholly rewarding to DIY your own produce, bear in mind that these guys will take some extra attention. Firstly, there are two planting seasons. For warmer parts of the country sow your seeds from April-July, for temperate to cold regions plant from April-August. You will need to ensure the soil in well prepared and nutrient dense before planting, then they are fed weekly and watered consistently right up until harvesting which will be about 12 weeks down the track.

Whilst you will find them in the grocers all year round, the cauliflower is available in season from late Autumn through to late Spring.

Here are some Health Benefits of the mighty Cauliflower!


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