Saving money with yoghurt pouches


25 May Saving money with yoghurt pouches

When it comes to saving money, one of the best things you can do is ditch pre-packaged snacks and move towards more homemade. Or even make the step from individual packets to bulk buys and splitting them out yourself!  The maths is simple, the more packaging done before you purchase something, the more it costs you.


Let’s look at yoghurt pouches as an example.


Most yoghurt pouches that you buy in the supermarket in the dairy section are on average $2.50 per 150grams.  The price goes much higher when you get into higher quality yoghurts and some are as high as $4 per pouch!  Wowsers. That’s before we even take into account all of that extra single use packaging.


On the other end of the spectrum, let’s look at the cost of yoghurt when bought in bulk.  The price is dramatically different! A kilo of pot set yoghurt can be as low as $3.00 from the supermarket- and that can make 6 150ml pouches….that means 50c for the yoghurt.  Add some fruit and blitz and you’re still way better off!


But…we still have to buy the pouches, right?  Well, that’s true, but with a bulk pack, like this 12 pack of Zestio 150ml pouches for $32.00, you are paying $2.67 a pouch. We need to get into some serious math to work out how much you actually save by using yoghurt pouches.


Let’s talk about 12 pouches of yoghurt…

12 store bought yoghurt pouches= $30.00

12 Zestio pouches= $6 (yoghurt) + $32.00 (bulk pack of Zestio pouches) = $36.00

Well.  That didn’t work.  You’re not saving anything….WRONG! Because those store bought pouches, are SINGLE USE. Let’s look at what happens after you’ve washed and dried your Zestio pouches.

reusable food pouches


24 store bought yoghurt pouches= $60.00

24 Zestio pouches= $12 (yoghurt) + $32.00 (bulk pack of Zestio pouches) = $44.00

Wow!  Saving you $16.00 (think about how many coffees that is) in only one month. 


48 store bought yoghurt pouches= $120.00

48 Zestio pouches= $24 (yoghurt) + $32.00 (bulk pack of Zestio pouches) = $56.00

That’s over $64 in savings right there! Even if you only use each pouch 4 times, you are well and truly ahead.


Use each pouch 8 times…and we are looking at a saving of $160. And the great thing about these pouches, is they are designed to be used, washed, dried and used again. You can use them for months on end, meaning the savings keep rolling in. 


If you want to take the savings even further, then you should consider making your own yoghurt!  This vanilla yoghurt recipe takes the mystery out of making yoghurt and makes it super simple to do.  It’s perfect for busy mums as it is hands on for 5 minutes, then left overnight to culture!

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