Use up the kids leftover Easter chocolate!

Leftover Easter chocolate

17 Apr Use up the kids leftover Easter chocolate!

Do you have a heap of leftover Easter chocolate? Kids got a little more chocolate on their hands than you bargained for? Help them make a little dent in their stash with our delicious recipes…


Chocolate Eater…

Easter brings out a chocolate eater in the best of us, and kids just love the ‘collection’ of shiny chocolate eggs they receive. But dealing with the tantrums and tummy troubles that follow the day’s indulgence isn’t fun! And… if your kids have acquired a few chocolate Easter treats from family and friends, you’re up for a long holiday.


Get Smart…

Now if your kids are anything like mine, this ‘once a year’ smorgasbord of chocolate rarely leaves their grasp. So you may need to get smart about depleting the stash a little.


Swap or Trade??

You could try swapping leftover Easter chocolate for other toys and things of interest or buying them off with coins for their money box. My eldest is happy to give hers over (she’s not a big chocolate fan), knowing choc chip muffins, chocolate dessert or something sweet and delicious will be on the cards.


Recipes to try…

If you find yourself slightly freaked out by the amount of leftover Easter chocolate in the house, then below are a few recipes to help you out.


Share the LOVE!

But remember, by changing the ingredients to use up your leftover Easter chocolate the recipes will be a sometimes treat food full of the more unwanted sugars, additives etc etc…. So while visiting family and friends over the holidays, pass the chocolate problem on by taking a batch of ‘leftover Easter chocolate baking!’


Also Try…

For even more ideas, try searching recipes with chocolate chips as they work well with the high-sugar content of the store bought Easter chocolates. Simply break the eggs up into pieces and add to the mix in place of the choc chips.



A dairy fee chocolate panna cotta that’s easy to make and sure to impress!

Swap the cacao and honey with 50g or 1/2 cup chocolate crumbles. Add to all the other ingredients in step one.


Healthy Choc Beetroot muffin with an earthy beetroot flavour.

Swap out the coconut sugar, maple syrup and cacaco with 50g or 1/2 cup chocolate crumbles, melted. If you’d like your muffins a darker chocolate colour you may want to add some cacao powder.


Thick Chocolate custard just like the Yogo variety that you can purchase in individual packs…. Only better!

Swap the sugar and cocoa with 50g or 1/2 cup chocolate crumbles, melted.


  • Healthy Mini Chocolate Crackles

A healthy version of the crunchy chocolate lunchbox treat that’s been around for ever.


Free from gluten, dairy, nut and refined sugars, this chocolate pudding is a delicious healthy dessert that’s high in protein. Who would have guessed it was made with beans and contained sweet potato!

Swap out the cacaco, coconut sugar and dark chocolate chips for 70g or 3/4 cup chocolate crumbles, melted. Using the leftover Easter chocolate in this recipe instead will mean it’s no longer free from the items mentioned above.


A healthy flourless cake made with a tin of beans! Yep! This recipe uses the Chocolate Bean Pudding as its wet base.


A classic frozen flavour enjoyed by many. Just chocolate and milk served in our clever Zesty Pops!


If you have a powerful blender or the ingredients on hand, this lunchbox treat is worth a go.

Swap out the cacao and coconut sugar for 50g or 1/2 cup chocolate crumbles, melted. You may need more cacao powder if you’d prefer a darker coloured brownie.


Crumble your chocolate and use as the chocolate chips in these cookies.


Please Note

Please note we don’t recommend frequent chocolate treats for your child, but when family Easter traditions mean an abundance of chocolate in the home, we’d rather re-purpose it than waste it. You could even freeze it for cooking throughout the year.

View our website for pouches & pops used in the recipes.

Enjoy & don’t eat too much all at once.

Krystal Xx


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